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Practice Pad

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The patent-pending COGo Practice Pad is the solution for parents needing a convenient option for keeping their children busy without the bulk and clutter!

  • Includes: Practice Pad (mat and attached pouch), Notepad, Water Pen, Chalk, and Felt eraser
  • Use the Mindful Mat and Water Pen to make markings with water, then watch them disappear as they evaporate!

  • The Chalk Mat offers countless ways to integrate art with hands-on learning. Use the included chalk to write, draw, and play games... then erase and repeat!

  • The outer side pocket holds a notepad so that children can preserve their ideas and artwork. The attached zippered pouch stores the included accessories and is also spacious enough for children to add their own small toys and trinkets for more personalized play!

  • Handmade in the USA using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials that are free of BPAs and phthalates.
  • Encourages children to use creativity and play to:
    • Foster school-readiness skills
    • Cultivate Fine-Motor Development
    • Stimulate imagination and creative thinking
    • Strengthen muscles in the hands and fingers
    • Build hand-eye coordination
  • Unfolded dimensions: 7" x 18" x 1/4" / Folded dimensions: 7" x 6.5" x 3/4"

  • Please note the mindful mat surface will leave permanent streaks and stains when marked roughly or oversaturated with water. 

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

WARNING! Choking Hazard - Not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts.

This product conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963, ASTM D4236, and LHAMA standards




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