About M.Powered Scholar

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Giving Back

We are thankful for anyone who finds value in our products and utilize these opportunities to pay it forward. This is why we are committed to donating proceeds from every M.Powered Scholar purchase to a different charity or non-profit organization each month. Please send us a message or tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@MPoweredScholar) to share your ideas about organizations we can support.

Our Story

M. Powered SCHOLAR was our silver lining of 2020 that evolved from our experiences quarantining at home and doing remote learning during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

With this sudden influx of family time, I was finally able to do the fun learning activities I always wanted to show my kids, but could never find the time. The teacher in me was excited to challenge myself to find ways to use creativity, movement, and play to teach my children more growth mindset, mindfulness, and critical thinking skills. I feel fortunate to have been thrown into this situation with a master’s degree in Education, as well as insights from my years of working with children from preschool through middle school. Although we have had our share of challenges, it fills my heart that both of my kids still constantly request more “Mommy School” and continue to have a genuine excitement for learning. 

During this time, Kaylee also began learning more about entrepreneurship and became eager to start a business of her own. After thinking about all of our friends who were in the same situation of navigating their way through crisis schooling, the idea of creating a collection of resources to help other families in the same predicament grew from there. We decided to collaborate and create M.Powered SCHOLAR to help other kids and parents just like us.

* Those interested in learning more about Erin’s journey as a modern-day parent can check out her blog Erin Tries Parenting (www.ErinTriesParenting.com), where she shares recommendations for additional fun educational activities, low-prep meals, family-friendly things to do locally (Los Angeles) and abroad, and other parenting insights she's learned along the way.