Our Story

Curious. Creative. Critical Thinker. Responsible. Mindful. Compassionate.

After I had my daughter, all I could think about was instilling these kinds of values and the knowledge I wanted to impart. But how do I teach a baby to be a problem solver? How do I ensure she becomes an intelligent person who acts with integrity?

The first-time parent in me felt overwhelmed.
The experienced teacher in me began to research and create early childhood learning materials.

Using brain-based strategies and developmental milestones as a guide, I created a progression of play-based activities that allowed her to learn at her developmental level, while gradually building on the concepts and skills she was acquiring. As I talked to other parents and teachers about this project of mine, I began to realize that this was a resource others could use. Thus, Learning Emporium was established to provide developmentally appropriate learning materials that would be fun for kids and convenient for adults.

As a parent, I am always in search of educational toys. However, I often become overwhelmed by the vast market of expensive products, each of which focuses on something different. At Learning Emporium, we believe a comprehensive learning environment should not be so costly and cluttered. Our products are intentionally designed to foster a wide range of skills and abilities so that parents and educators can support the learning and developmental needs of children at different ages and stages using the same materials.

As a preschool and elementary teacher in underserved communities, I have witnessed how essential emotional wellness is to a child's ability to learn. Equally important is respecting each child's individual needs and learning styles. At the heart of our educational philosophy is the understanding that positive and engaging early learning experiences are instrumental in shaping a child’s attitudes towards school. All of our products are grounded in the ideas of learning through play and nurturing the whole child with the goal of empowering the next generation of innovative thinkers.

With Hope and Gratitude,
Erin Wu, M.Ed.
Mother, Educator, and Founder of Learning Emporium


** Those interested in learning more about Erin’s journey as a modern-day parent can check out her blog Erin Tries Parenting (www.ErinTriesParenting.com), where she shares recommendations for additional fun educational activities, low-prep meals, family-friendly things to do locally (Los Angeles) and abroad, and other parenting insights she's learned along the way. **