Set Up

Each player has a row of 5 cards face up in front of them OR has 9 cards face up in a 3x3 grid. Dealer has the remaining cards.


Be the first player to flip over all of your cards, make 3 in a row, OR flip over all of your cards (decide what the goal is before playing).



Dealer flips over 1 card at a time. Players that have a matching card (same number or same math fact answer) can flip over one card for each turn. If you have two of the same number, you can only flip over one of your cards. Ways to win can include being the first person to flip over all 5 cards, make 3 in a row wins, or get a blackout (flip over all of your cards). If there is no dealer, players take turns flipping over the stack of cards. 


  • Practice multiplication by matching multiplication number representations cards.
  • Practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication by using multiple copies of math fact cards and match the same answers.