Shut the Card Box

Set Up

Take out the face cards. For each person playing, lay out a set of cards face up for #'s 1 - 10 (one of each number). Place the rest of the cards face down for the Draw Pile.


Be the first to flip over all of the cards in your row of #'s 1-10.


When it is your turn, flip over two cards. Add these two numbers together. Look for an equation using numbers from your cards that are face up that has the same sum. For example, if you flip a 2 and 6 your sum is 8, so you can flip over 1 and 7 OR 1, 2, and 5, OR just an 8. Then it is the next person's turn whether or not you were able to flip any cards over. First person to flip over all of their cards wins. You can also use two dice instead of flipping cards to find your sum.


Use order of operations to include subtraction and multiplication to make your equivalent answer.