Set Up

Deal 4 cards to everyone face down. The rest of the cards will be the Draw Pile. Choose what small objects will be grabbed and set them in the center. You will need one less than your total number of players. For example if you have 3 players, you will need 2 objects.


Do not be the last person to grab the spoons from the middle.


Everyone is trying to make a set of 4 matching cards for the first part of the game. Decide who will start. This first player will take the top card from the Draw Pile, then discard a card. The discarded card will become the Draw Pile for the player next to them. This continues in a circle so that the last player will discard their card on the first player's Draw Pile. Everyone continues the process of drawing a card and discarding a card until someone has a set of 4 matching cards. When you get a set of matching cards, quietly grab one of the objects in the center of the table. If you see someone grab an object in the center of the table, you want to grab one as quickly as possible even if you do not have a matching set. The last person the grab an object from the center of the table loses.